Happy Healthy 2015  New Year!

Yoga Healing Kuwait Workshops In 2015!



I am wrapping up the Yoga Teacher training and heading back to Kuwait, in time to bring in the New Year!

Its time to share what I’ve learned  in the 500 Hour Teacher Training.


  1. Learn the fundamentals of Pranayama – The science of breath control, breathing ratios and how to apply it into a daily practice.
  2. Improve your Asana practice – The flow of postures,learn the skill of adapting variations and modification to fit your life and individual needs.
  3. Mindful Meditation –  The  science of the mind,  how to guide your thoughts with clarity, developing a strong mental focus, enabling you to reach your goals.


Intermediate Workshop  January 18th 2015

Sunday/Tuesday 7:30-9 pm (90 mins)

Advanced Beginners  January 19th 2015

Monday/Wednesday 7:45 pm- 8:45 pm. (60 mins)

For more information Contact Darren 965-67666-461


Directing Founder of Yoga Healing Kuwait.

Terri Alexander