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New York City Life on the Subway

New York City Life 

Cold and busy,  from Subway to streets then back.  Ecstatic, Invigorating.  Wrapped warm in a scarf I’m headed to our teacher training course. I get there too early,  3 hours ahead of our scheduled time . The streets are full and everyone seems to be in a hurry, the energy is vibrant and the air fresh.  New York City Life is a class room , connecting the diversity of life in all nationality’s.  I begin to walk like the rest, to keep up the pace, not sure why, but I’m in golfed in the hustle in bustle.

“Lanza’s EST. 1904, an […]

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New York School of Yoga

Student of Yoga Studies in New York  Yoga Healing Kuwait will be postponing workshops and private sessions for the next 2 months , November 30- January 18th 2015,  I will continue my studies in New York at the School of Yoga. Designing course planning for specific therapeutic needs such as Multiple Sclerosis, Diabetes, Depression and Stress Management.   As a member of International Association of Yoga Therapists  IAYT http://www.iayt.org/  the standards set by the board to identify the core knowledge, skills and competencies of each Yoga Therapist , ensuring a final set of standards applicable for each  student in  training . This accreditation […]

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Energy through Inversions

Energy and mental faculties through inversions.Yoga is a tool that will aid in healing and bring mind and body into alignment. Energy is pumped through the heart with great ease in inversions.  The brain is refreshed and energized .Inversions slowdown the aging process through circulation of blood to the face. As we age gravity pulls us downwards, the body takes more effort to circulate blood to the upper torso. Inversions help bring attention to the mind and facilitate a deep cleansing of  the lungs through focused breathing while you balance the body on the head. Yoga is a practical application, […]

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Iyengar Yoga in Tuscany Italy with Patricia Walden

Grace, elegance, poise and ease emulate in Patricia Walden. Her ability to teach is inspiring and her beauty within is enlightening.Our classes begin at 7:30am and our evening classes last until 8:00pm.The poses strengthen, the breath invigorates.The room is filled with over 100 Yoga Teachers and each one eager to experience all that can be taught in 6 hours a day for 6 days in Tuscany.We are all here to learn how to be better practitioners, dedicated teachers and compassionate souls.Tomorrow is our last day in Tuscany. The workshop ends and the real “work’ begins! The ‘Practice’ of Life.Namaste,

Terri Alexander

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Yoga Back bending workshop in the Mountains of Florence with Patricia Walden

Italy and Yoga; two of my favorites. This summer I will be visiting Florence Italy to participate in an intensive back bending Yoga workshop with Patricia Walden, a long time student of BK S Iyengar. Her softness and ease into deep back bends is breathtaking. Learning the key elements of alignment into the directional pull of the spine release by the gravitational pull of the legs firmly into the ground are the foundations of a good release in back bends.

This Ramadan our Intermediate Class will learn the elements of an easy back bend from the workshop Intensive in Italy. https://iynaus.org/workshops/iyengar-yoga-workshop-tuscany-gabriella-giubilaro-and-james-murphy


See you […]

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Strong Women in Dubai

Embracing the unknown takes fortitude, the ability to discover your place and purpose.
My trip to Dubai for “Life Balance with Yoga” workshop. I discovered a “piece of my own story’ in each beautiful women I met. We were fortunate to have had this space in time to meet and discover our individual sense of purpose. Life has remarkable ways that create a perfect blend of ingredients that allow us to surrender into the unknown. Lessons to keep us whole and allow for growth and renewal.

Each day is an opportunity  to embrace a person we’ve never met, experience a place that […]

Work Life Balance through Yoga

 Through my personal life story,  I will reflect on the challenges faced leaving my country and embracing a foreign culture, in laws, and raising children with out familiar memories of my own childhood as a reference. The hurdles I faced alone with out the support of a mother or relatives, and also the homesickness that affected my health and sense of identity.
How I turned this misfortune into a sense of purpose. Through a vision of hope,  I discovered a balancing force that is with in and I channeled into an inner knowing and reconnected to this source.

We all have a […]

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Teacher Training in Milan Italy with Dona Hollamon

It’s that time of year! Summer and teacher training. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to learn the Anatomy of Yoga Alignment from one of the best Yoga Teachers – Dona Holloman. She’s been teaching Yoga for over 50 years and is an expert in the Iyengar Style. Her expertise are shared by people from all over the world who understand the meaning of correct alignment as a science of gravity and core awareness. This fall after the Eid Holiday, I will teach this concept to my intermediate and advance beginners. I look forward in sharing this knowledge and […]

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The “Floating Leaf” Bali Yoga Retreat

The Floating Leaf’ Bali Yoga Retreat is coming to an end and completing the last days with specialized Yoga sequences to take home for personal practice. The attention given to each participant was carefully designed to enhance her practice on and off the mat.
The sights, smells and feel of Bali will linger in our meditations. The experience of Yoga practice in the open air will become our visualization when we return home.
The Floating Leaf ~ Bali offered our students an opportunity to practice a complete mind shift towards a wellness  lifestyle. Our cooking class created an easy hands on approach, […]

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Connect and Reflect

Feet firmly on the mat, I’m ready to embark on a Yoga practice.   My intention still not clear, yet I have faith  it will unfold as I prepare myself for a strong hand balancing sequence.
I gracefully flow through  the Sun Salutations, connecting to the core I feel strong and capable. The practice begins to take shape and I am open and free. Pausing when needed , connecting and reflecting on the natural sequence, my inner awareness surfaces.  I seldom know where it will take me, or how my practice will end.

I am centered and  grounded, light and spacious, sitting silently […]

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