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On my Way to Bali “Pathway to Personal Freedom Retreat”

We are wrapping up registration this week one spot remaining! The  fun begins!

I am thrilled to experience  Bali and lead my first Yoga Retreat.

Capturing the heart of Bali and experiencing the culture and traditions of the people.

Daily Yoga Practice will be in an open Yoga Sanctuary in the fresh crisp air.

The season is perfect for our Yoga Retreat.

Letting go of the day to day stresses, we breath in and breath out, stretch and bend our way through daily yoga. We meet new friends,  enjoy

the sunrise and sunset together.

To return refreshed and ready for the summer!

Bon Voyage,




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Yoga and Autism teaching flexibilty

Body awareness is taught when we are young through play. We enjoy the feeling of running, jumping, climbing and swinging on the swings. Our minds become free and we experience joy and elation as our bodies move to the beat of our hearts.

Yoga Therapy at Kuwait’s Autism Center, we use the mindfulness of play through the sequencing of Poses. Our first lesson is body awareness in dynamic movement.

Our third group of boys, ages 16-19 are eager and display a willingness to move and bend as they follow me in different and sometimes challenging poses. No language is used, as they […]

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Peace of mind

Ultimately we all approach yoga practice for peace and balance of thoughts, actions, and deeds.

How we approach our practice guides us on a rigourous path with hurdles and hardships, sacrifice and patience are a requirement to achieve our aim.

Standing firm and strong the standing poses help develop the strength and courage to move forward in ones path towards peace of mind.

Concentration and attention are needed in the inversions of headstand and balance poses, developing our awareness and viewing life from a different angle.

Surrendering with acceptance are learned in the forward bending poses as they calm and cool the nerous system […]

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Knowledge without Language

I arrive at Kuwaits’ Center for Autism, set up the Yoga mats and prepare for my first students who have signed up for Yoga. Its a small group of 5 young men, ages 16-19. I’m set up in the middle of the room with 5 Yoga mats arranged in a circle in view of me.  I raise my arms with a full inhale and with an exhale, bring my arms down by my side. I repeat this movement 4 more times and they all repeat. A deep inhale brings the movement in full expression and a slow long exhale completes […]

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Yoga and Autism Spectrum

Yoga Breath Studio and Kuwait Autism Center is launching Yoga and Autism.

Yoga is therapeutic in that it works to create balance and ease to the nervous system, which those on the spectrum have challenges regulating. Using the Postures of standing will develop an understanding of where ” they stand their ground” and their personal power and place in their world. Courage and strength come from sequencing  of the standing poses. The beginning of their personal journey in Yoga.

Follow us on our journey in Yoga and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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Joy and the expression of the body

I find in my Yoga Practice an expression of joy and elation every time I plant my feet into the earth and fill my lungs with breath. It doesnt matter what sequence I do,  only my  intention for the practice.
 Centering mind with body, I follow an expression of joy filling every breath I take leading me into a new pose.
Being one with the mind, and completly and fully connected with the body, I am joy, the  result of the expression of my Yoga practice.

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Daily Yoga Practice

What time should I practice? How long should I stay on my mat? What sequence should I do? How do I maintain a consistent daily practice?

These are but a few questions that you may ask yourself as you journey into the body and mind in Yoga.

The essence of Yoga is that intimate link of body and mind guiding you towards a deep inner connection of heart and soul. Breath is the link, the thread that keeps the practice focused, directional and intentional.

The practice is soft and dynamic, encouraging the mind to stay with the body, observing, watching for subtle clues […]

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The Right Yoga Teacher

Yoga is many things to many people. The definition of yoga means to bring together, to unite the mind with the body, the senses with the breath and the conscious with the unconscious.

We search for that great teacher that will inspire us, guide us toward health and ultimately peace of mind.

When we embark on the path for the right teacher, we gravitate towards someone who has experience and who allows us space to grow in our practice.

Our first lesson is finding the right teacher who will encourage expansion, inquisitiveness and passion for yoga, allowing for the right environment that helps […]

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Ten Minutes on the mat

Yoga for stress relief, invigorating, refreshing and a good stretch is what you want to do, but you tell yourself “I don’t have time”, I need to get this assignment done. This nagging persistent pain in the neck, or soreness in the lower back from sitting for hours in one place, seems to take your thoughts away from your assignment and into the ache in your body. Ten Minutes on a Yoga Mat is all the time required to maintain a clear head, and a relaxed body. Learning how to move in a synchronized way through Yoga keeps the mind […]

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