Yoga Tips

Breathe easy with gentle poses

How do we keep a daily practice simple,exciting and beneficial? With a clearness of the mind, directed with a good intention, we simply move in a gentle way that is beneficial and enlightening.

Connect the breath to any movement and your there! Breathing gently, consciously in any yoga pose will get your body and mind where it needs to be.

Tomorrow will come with a clear,steady,soft mind guiding you to another yoga practice.

In Peace


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Connect and Reflect

Feet firmly on the mat, I’m ready to embark on a Yoga practice.   My intention still not clear, yet I have faith  it will unfold as I prepare myself for a strong hand balancing sequence.
I gracefully flow through  the Sun Salutations, connecting to the core I feel strong and capable. The practice begins to take shape and I am open and free. Pausing when needed , connecting and reflecting on the natural sequence, my inner awareness surfaces.  I seldom know where it will take me, or how my practice will end.

I am centered and  grounded, light and spacious, sitting silently […]

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Joy and the expression of the body

I find in my Yoga Practice an expression of joy and elation every time I plant my feet into the earth and fill my lungs with breath. It doesnt matter what sequence I do,  only my  intention for the practice.
 Centering mind with body, I follow an expression of joy filling every breath I take leading me into a new pose.
Being one with the mind, and completly and fully connected with the body, I am joy, the  result of the expression of my Yoga practice.

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Ten Minutes on the mat

Yoga for stress relief, invigorating, refreshing and a good stretch is what you want to do, but you tell yourself “I don’t have time”, I need to get this assignment done. This nagging persistent pain in the neck, or soreness in the lower back from sitting for hours in one place, seems to take your thoughts away from your assignment and into the ache in your body. Ten Minutes on a Yoga Mat is all the time required to maintain a clear head, and a relaxed body. Learning how to move in a synchronized way through Yoga keeps the mind […]

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