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A Happy and Healthy 2015 New Year!

Yoga Healing Kuwait Workshops In 2015!


I am wrapping up the Yoga Teacher training and heading back to Kuwait, in time to bring in the New Year!

Its time to share what I’ve learned  in the 500 Hour Teacher Training.


Learn the fundamentals of Pranayama – The science of breath control, breathing ratios and how to apply it into a daily practice.
Improve your Asana practice – The flow of postures,learn the skill of adapting variations and modification to fit your life and individual needs.
Mindful Meditation –  The  science of the mind,  how to guide your thoughts with clarity, developing a strong mental focus, […]

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Energy through Inversions

Energy and mental faculties through inversions.Yoga is a tool that will aid in healing and bring mind and body into alignment. Energy is pumped through the heart with great ease in inversions.  The brain is refreshed and energized .Inversions slowdown the aging process through circulation of blood to the face. As we age gravity pulls us downwards, the body takes more effort to circulate blood to the upper torso. Inversions help bring attention to the mind and facilitate a deep cleansing of  the lungs through focused breathing while you balance the body on the head. Yoga is a practical application, […]

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Iyengar Yoga in Tuscany Italy with Patricia Walden

Grace, elegance, poise and ease emulate in Patricia Walden. Her ability to teach is inspiring and her beauty within is enlightening.Our classes begin at 7:30am and our evening classes last until 8:00pm.The poses strengthen, the breath invigorates.The room is filled with over 100 Yoga Teachers and each one eager to experience all that can be taught in 6 hours a day for 6 days in Tuscany.We are all here to learn how to be better practitioners, dedicated teachers and compassionate souls.Tomorrow is our last day in Tuscany. The workshop ends and the real “work’ begins! The ‘Practice’ of Life.Namaste,

Terri Alexander

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