What time should I practice? How long should I stay on my mat? What sequence should I do? How do I maintain a consistent daily practice?

These are but a few questions that you may ask yourself as you journey into the body and mind in Yoga.

The essence of Yoga is that intimate link of body and mind guiding you towards a deep inner connection of heart and soul. Breath is the link, the thread that keeps the practice focused, directional and intentional.

The practice is soft and dynamic, encouraging the mind to stay with the body, observing, watching for subtle clues that tell us we are present and in line with our intention, or we become aware that we have slipped into the mind of repetitive thoughts.
Gently we take a long deep breath, come to the center of our mat, standing still in tadasana (mountain pose) allowing the mind to soften, the breath to to relax and the body to still.

We ask ourselves “is this enough?” ‘should I continue?’ ‘What was my intention for today’s practice?’

This may be enough for today, we end our practice lying down in savasana (corpse pose) still observing the mind. surrendering into complete stillness, softness.

So begins a new day.

Peace and Blessings

Terri Alexander