I arrive at Kuwaits’ Center for Autism, set up the Yoga mats and prepare for my first students who have signed up for Yoga. Its a small group of 5 young men, ages 16-19. I’m set up in the middle of the room with 5 Yoga mats arranged in a circle in view of me.  I raise my arms with a full inhale and with an exhale, bring my arms down by my side. I repeat this movement 4 more times and they all repeat. A deep inhale brings the movement in full expression and a slow long exhale completes it. We move into more dynamic standing poses using the breath to connect the movement with intention,an unspoken language, an inner knowledge is expersienced and I can see they get it. No need for spoken words, knowledge is with in each one of these bright intelligent boys. The connection felt with teacher and that is the unspoken knowledge with out language.

Autism and Yoga