New York City Life 


Cold and busy,  from Subway to streets then back.  Ecstatic, Invigorating.  Wrapped warm in a scarf I’m headed to our teacher training course. I get there too early,  3 hours ahead of our scheduled time . The streets are full and everyone seems to be in a hurry, the energy is vibrant and the air fresh.  New York City Life is a class room , connecting the diversity of life in all nationality’s.  I begin to walk like the rest, to keep up the pace, not sure why, but I’m in golfed in the hustle in bustle.

“Lanza’s EST. 1904, an Italian Restaurant on the east side. It looks  warm and a welcoming embrace from the cold. “Peter” and Italian immigrant opens the door and asks me to ‘come in from the cold’ . I’ts warm and friendly, Peter sits down  to share his story of coming to America from Italy and how his father started this Est. in 1904.  I’m sitting looking at the menu and an Indian man from Calcutta takes my order, and a women from Morocco hears that I’m from Kuwait and she begins to share her journey to America from the Middle East. ‘Zainab”as she speaks to me in Arabic and her eyes shine! She’s happy to share the language with someone who speaks,she also sits down at the table. We’re all together, sharing our stories, laughing and eating. I notice the time, I announce that I must leave or I’m late for class. We all share contact information, shake hands and hugs. I wrap my scarf around my neck, brace the cold, yet I’m warm and my heart is full. I enter the class room and I am enlightened with a gentle reminder that we live each day “In a Class Room” 

NYC Subway pic