Ultimately we all approach yoga practice for peace and balance of thoughts, actions, and deeds.

How we approach our practice guides us on a rigourous path with hurdles and hardships, sacrifice and patience are a requirement to achieve our aim.

Standing firm and strong the standing poses help develop the strength and courage to move forward in ones path towards peace of mind.

Concentration and attention are needed in the inversions of headstand and balance poses, developing our awareness and viewing life from a different angle.

Surrendering with acceptance are learned in the forward bending poses as they calm and cool the nerous system and create space in thought.

Adaptability and flexability of mind are experienced with twisting poses,  we are able to see another’s point of view without  judgement, we feel love and a connection towards all humans.

Freedom and Joy spring forth from the backbending poses, they invigorate and make one feel an immediate sense of lightness and youthfulness.


Ardha Matsyendrasana

We start the practice from a place of intention. We remind ourselves daily of our goals  and we stand firm on our mat, plunge deep into our inner awareness where we find peace of mind.