Positive thoughts

Positive thoughts

Spring is a beautiful time of year, bringing new awareness and fresh beginnings. When young and child like, we experience joy and excitement with the new. Our minds are open to possibilities and we embrace challenges. Our spirit is light and free.

To breath freely and rhythmically we reawaken new awareness back into our young and childlike selves.
We feel a sense of space, lightness and joy. there is a “spring in our step” new beginnings are on the horizon.

Pranayama (breath control) is a practice to develop daily, preparing our body to invite the breath is a skill. One must learn from an experienced teacher.

Come join me May 11th -27th 2015 in the “Art of Breathing” Pranayama ( Science of Breath Control)

To find out more information contact Darren 676-66461

Terri Louise Alexander