Yoga PoseYoga for stress relief, invigorating, refreshing and a good stretch is what you want to do, but you tell yourself “I don’t have time”, I need to get this assignment done. This nagging persistent pain in the neck, or soreness in the lower back from sitting for hours in one place, seems to take your thoughts away from your assignment and into the ache in your body. Ten Minutes on a Yoga Mat is all the time required to maintain a clear head, and a relaxed body. Learning how to move in a synchronized way through Yoga keeps the mind positive and the body relaxed and allows you to feel free. Breathing softly in a synchronized manner along with movement is the Key to keeping it short and sweet. (KISS) a term I find endearing and tell my kids who are studying in University and can’t seem to find the willpower to get out of the chair and on to the mat. Ten Minutes on the mat is all you need to keep your mind fresh and alert .Yoga helps shift your thoughts towards a positive attitude and develop a strong flexible body. Learn the Science behind Yoga and Breath, simple yet effective Poses and Breathing Ratios to set you on the path towards more awareness, confidence and most importantly time.