The Yoga Retreat to Bali with Terri was a life changing experience. She taught me the correct breathing  and posture techniques in a therapeutic yoga method all outdoor in the beautiful Bali nature. The Yoga with Terri brought out my positive energy due to being centered and rightly aligned through Yoga. Terri is very patient, experienced and professional Yoga teacher who knows how to connect with her students and talk about various aspects of life. The location of our retreat was breathtaking and the agenda was well thought off. It includes yoga, spa treatments, relaxation, organic nutrition, sightseeing, shopping and much more. it is the perfect trip for people looking for a break  from their lives. It is indeed a self-discovery trip that I highly recommend. Where and when is the next yoga retreat?

~ Alya, Executive – Dubai

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As a child, I watched my mother practice Yoga for several hours a day. Being taught the basics of Yoga as a child really helped me physically, mentally and emotionally. Yoga has never failed to bring peace and flexibility whenever I needed it. Not only did my mother teach me the science of Yoga, but she also made me rely on myself to independent practice. Words can’t express how proud I am with her success, and how she earned it with patience and determination.  She is introducing a whole new way of thinking towards exercise and health to all women, and I am extremely happy to be taught and raised by that philosophy.

~ Maryam, Daughter – Kuwait


My journey with Terri began 2004. I wanted to be healthier and feel better. I had always been curious about yoga, I followed a book when I was 12 and I love since, and having a flexible body make it the right choice for me. With Terri’s instructions and guidance I was hooked from my first yoga practice. She is compassionate, patient and supportive.

I love how I’m learning things about myself mentally, physically and spiritually and how they are all connected. Going through my daily life I find myself thinking about the things I learned during my yoga practice. Things like my breathing, posture, letting go, and living in the present moment. Physically yoga has helped tremendously with my flexibility and strength. Doing yoga with Terri helped me mentally during last two years while I was building my house by releasing stress and exhaustion on a weekly basis, it gave me a positive attitude in handling my responsibilities and achieving my goals. Terri’s instructions and routine have helped me in understanding anatomy and physiology.  She knows how to relate muscle groups to the posture and engage it with the breath.  She tailored each class to students’ ability and explains the variations of each posture, so each student can adjust to their experience and comfort.  There is no “competition” or judgment in the classes.  She divided her attention equally on the student needs, so each does their own practice according to their ability and progress from there.

The variations are explained for each posture gracefully with love. This is why I found that Yoga DVDs are un-motivational and impersonal. Terri guides class into to a posture(s) are hard and tough, then she leads you every step of the way from one position to another, till you get surprised by doing what you think impossible or hard in the same session, it gives you a sense of success and achievement. I feel the difference in my body and mind after a session and throughout the year was able to take that calming sensation to  home as well. It is truly incredible how something so soothing as yoga practice can tone and strengthen your body, especially in places most other forms of exercise neglect.

Yoga has helped me maintain a “youthful” outlook. Please keep on doing what you are because I am sure it is helping everybody else as much as it did to me. She is patient and generous person and teacher who inspires me to explore myself and my world through Yoga. No matter what the circumstances, she maintains a consistent and high level of spirit and attention to her teaching. Her voice bring stillness. I always leave the session with feelings calm, stillness. Yoga helped me in stop using medications and inhalers for my asthma in learning to engage my breath with my body movement especially in my prayers.

When I feel off-center Terri’s yoga routine brings me mind-body balance, grounding, connecting, and an awareness to be present. Terri is a wonderful teacher and is so skilled while remaining present, nurturing, and down to earth. She shares her deep spiritual focus and soul awareness in yoga practices, so inspiring, and gives me a new focus for doing postures with greater power from my core. She enriched my yoga dictionary with the way she language yoga and describe posture, and also gained incredible wealth of information and techniques.

~ Al Jazy Al Hajri, Businesswoman – Kuwait

I was looking for a trustful yoga teacher…
I chose breathe yoga studio. They facilitate the whole thing by the application mind body which show the available time and dates to book and they even provide an online payment.

The sweet assistant is so helpful and always ready to save the day. I liked how they are flexible and easy to deal with and they’re so cooperative..

Practicing yoga with my teacher ms Terri who knows exactly when to have a certain pose and reads how my body is responding never pushed me too far. Designs a certain practice based on my body condition and my energy level on each day. It helps me a lot even more than I expected

Skype yoga was a first for me and I discovered it has a lot of advantages. It take off the burden to go through the traffic and ruin the mood saves your energy saves time and even saves money. Practicing in my own space wearing comfortable clothes on is another point to be added. After session i can switch back to my daily life so easily.

Yoga becomes a major part of my life without a teacher knowing my needs and considering the details of me. I wouldn’t go further.. i know what she’s teaching me is coming from her heart ❤

Yoga practicing helped me in my daily life,  it provides me more energy to go on through my day
With More clear mind and even more confident and still I’m looking for more. Every time I finish my class I tell myself it definitely was the best choice to have thank God I’m blessed. Its an experience that keeps expanding me body and mind.

I would like to recommend everyone who seeks yoga practice with a professional teacher in an easy way go for it right now

~ Bedour Ali, Government Employee – Kuwait


Skype Yoga with Terri quickly became one of the highlights of my week during pregnancy. It was a thoroughly enjoyable and successful experience. As I had been a student of Terri’s for a few years, I was delighted to be able to resume yoga lessons with her over Skype, where Terri continued to employ her attention to detail and care. She made sure to guide me into therapeutic postures to adapt to my changing body, and gave me the reassurance and strength that I needed. Alongside the Skype classes, I developed a personal daily practice, which Terri would fine-tune each week; making sure each posture was safe. I strongly recommend Skype Yoga to anyone interested in a personalized, challenging and enjoyable yoga class!

~ Letitia Bejancu, Medical Student – UK