Yoga is many things to many people. The definition of yoga means to bring together, to unite the mind with the body, the senses with the breath and the conscious with the unconscious.

We search for that great teacher that will inspire us, guide us toward health and ultimately peace of mind.

When we embark on the path for the right teacher, we gravitate towards someone who has experience and who allows us space to grow in our practice.

Our first lesson is finding the right teacher who will encourage expansion, inquisitiveness and passion for yoga, allowing for the right environment that helps us feel safe and accepted.

I’ve been fortunate to have had myself as my own teacher in my journey towards self discovery for 30 years. A difficult and tedious way to learn Asana, yet authentic in its origin.

Through my journey into the depths of the mind and body in yoga , I’ve found intuition and patience as my best tools in teaching my students , so that their practice is not as tedious and will not take as long as mine has.

I’m humbled to see each student’s practice unfold and they are able to see clearly, breath freely and experience joy and good health.

Yours truly
Terri Alexander