Terri-6 (2)

Reflection on the journey of life through Yoga

 Through my personal life story,  I will reflect on the challenges faced leaving my country and embracing a foreign culture, in laws, and raising children with out familiar memories of my own childhood as a reference. The hurdles I faced alone with out the support of a mother or relatives, and also the homesickness that affected my health and sense of identity.
How I turned this misfortune into a sense of purpose. Through a vision of hope,  I discovered a balancing force that is with in and I channeled into an inner knowing and reconnected to this source.
We all have a sense of  “knowing” and we find our way with Discipline, patience, strength in body and clarity of mind that sees through doubt, fear and worry. We then are able to discover balance in life with work, our personal life with that as being a parent. When it’s most important we are able to let go of guilt because we are “present” with our children during the times that are a priority and we have clarity to know when to let go.
Life is energy, thoughts are energy, our breath is the source of eternal peace.