Body awareness is taught when we are young through play. We enjoy the feeling of running, jumping, climbing and swinging on the swings. Our minds become free and we experience joy and elation as our bodies move to the beat of our hearts.

Yoga Therapy at Kuwait’s Autism Center, we use the mindfulness of play through the sequencing of Poses. Our first lesson is body awareness in dynamic movement.


Utthita Trikonansana

Our third group of boys, ages 16-19 are eager and display a willingness to move and bend as they follow me in different and sometimes challenging poses. No language is used, as they visualize the steps and follow the teacher.

The beauty of Yoga is that there is never a perfect pose, each practice is perfect in its beauty of inner expression. The outward journey of physical practice unleashes and untangles nerves, strengthens the spine and brings a sprint to their world.