Our Studio

Yoga Breath Studio educates and promotes healing and wellness through the correct application of yoga postures and the breathing techniques of pranayama. This approach utilizes the tools of yoga to fit the individual’s needs in reaching his or her potential to heal and become well. ~ based on the “proper application” of an individual’s situation. Yoga Breath Studio develops and designs programs that fully consider the needs and the ability’s of each student.

The most important element at Yoga Breath Studio is teacher/ student relationship and a safe environment for self- inquiry and transformation. Each student who comes for healing will have a unique individual program specifically designed to their needs and capabilities according to his/her lifestyle.

What makes us different ~ Our One-on -One setting is in a comfortable home environment, to help facilitate healing and encourage the student to practice. To guide each individual in developing an inner awareness of confidence and trust in the innate ability for healing. Dedicated to each person’s unique goals and addressing every level of the body’s system, whether physical, mental and emotional.

Organization and Institutions afflicted with Diabetes and chronic stress related illness benefit from the low cost low technology intervention strategy. Yoga Breath Studio offers practical and effective therapeutic Yoga Programs to Health Institutions and schools.

 Terri Alexander

Directing Founder of Yoga Breath Studio