Happy New Year!

2016 has been a year of balance for me as mother, yoga teacher and full time student at Penn State University. It brings me great pleasure and gratitude to bring on the New Year with good health and determination to continue my path towards the completion of my degree at Penn State.
The support of my family during my absence in Kuwait has allowed me to keep my grades more than satisfactory while on campus for internship in the field of Health and Human Behavioral Sciences.
Yoga teaching will always be my passion along with my role as a mother and grandmother.
I […]

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Centered Yoga in Italy

I have met wonderful people from all over the world in Yoga teacher training.  International Centered Yoga with Dona Holleman has eight principles of practice.
One main principle is in the understanding of assisting the student. Using props such as belts and sticks help the body align with the ground.
Setting the intention of the practice, using the intelligence of the mind along with the alignment of the body are interwoven and linked with the assisting partner.
 Yoga is a tool that is used to keep us grounded and teaches us the value of helping others learn more about themselves

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Yoga with Dona Holleman

Benefits of Yoga practice are numerous. One of its pearls is the engagement of the mind. Moving the body with intelligence develops the brains neuropath ways, for example in the correct alignment of the standing poses. In our modern day of technology, we spend the most part of our day in front of a computer. To counter this effect on the body we need to move, but not just any movement, there needs to be a connection of the mind to the body. Yoga postures are a tool in directing the mind towards the innate ability to heal, recuperate and […]

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Urdhva Dhanurasana

Back-bends are beautiful to look at, such as you see in this picture. Bending the body in the opposite direction of gravity’s pull, takes skill and practice. The body bends like a tree, strong and stable at its roots and soft and bendable in its branches. So is the spine, subtle and strong, yet soft and pliable. Attention to detail is all in the preparation of the pose. Keeping your heels firmly in the ground, the legs follow the gravity’s pull and the mind is into the wave of the spine, much like a big ocean wave, pulling up and […]

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Breathe easy with gentle poses

How do we keep a daily practice simple,exciting and beneficial? With a clearness of the mind, directed with a good intention, we simply move in a gentle way that is beneficial and enlightening.

Connect the breath to any movement and your there! Breathing gently, consciously in any yoga pose will get your body and mind where it needs to be.

Tomorrow will come with a clear,steady,soft mind guiding you to another yoga practice.

In Peace


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Yoga Classes ” The Loft at Valley Forge” Pennsylvania


We are in our 3rd Yoga Workshop at “The Lofts at Valley Forge” Valley Forge  Pennsylvania.

Gentle Yoga after work, to unwind and prepare for the evening. Its a basic Yoga Foundation class, that is breath based. Fun and invigorating.

For further inquiry contact the Director at [email protected] or call 610-400-5412.


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Yoga Classes will close at Yoga Breath Studio

 Yoga Breath Studio will close all workshops, classes and privates while I study at Penn State. I am honored to be accepted into one of the best Undergraduate programs worldwide in Kinesology-  Sports Medicine. 

Thank you to all of my beautiful students of Yoga. Your dedication to the practice of Yoga has inspired me to continue into further studies. 

In Peace, 

Terri Louise Alexander


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Spring brings new awareness and fresh beginnings.

Spring is a beautiful time of year, bringing new awareness and fresh beginnings. When young and child like, we experience joy and excitement with the new. Our minds are open to possibilities and we embrace challenges. Our spirit is light and free.

To breath freely and rhythmically we reawaken new awareness back into our young and childlike selves.
We feel a sense of space, lightness and joy. there is a “spring in our step” new beginnings are on the horizon.

Pranayama (breath control) is a practice to develop daily, preparing our body to invite the breath is a skill. One […]

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Yoga in Italy with Dona Holleman

IN May I have the privilege to learn from a very influential teacher of Yoga, Dona Holleman.

The practice of Yoga is just that “Practice” Learning from an influential teacher that has been practicing for over 60 years is a gift. I hope to inspire and bring back skill, knowledge, and wisdom to my students in Kuwait.

I will be posting videos and pictures this May.

Wishing all my students inspiration and good health.

Terri Louise Alexander

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A Happy and Healthy 2015 New Year!

Yoga Healing Kuwait Workshops In 2015!


I am wrapping up the Yoga Teacher training and heading back to Kuwait, in time to bring in the New Year!

Its time to share what I’ve learned  in the 500 Hour Teacher Training.


Learn the fundamentals of Pranayama – The science of breath control, breathing ratios and how to apply it into a daily practice.
Improve your Asana practice – The flow of postures,learn the skill of adapting variations and modification to fit your life and individual needs.
Mindful Meditation –  The  science of the mind,  how to guide your thoughts with clarity, developing a strong mental focus, […]

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