Welcome to Yoga Breath Studio and Rehabilitation Counseling. I am excited to have you here visiting our site. 

Incorporating yoga therapy, breathing techniques and the healing power of (MBSR)  mindfulness-based stress reduction and (MBCT) Mindfulness- Based, Cognitive Therapy  alongside rehabilitation counseling modalities is our mission at Yoga Breath Studio.

I am focused on changing the way the world receives and perceives therapy by offering the highest quality of innovative mind-body  modalities inclusive of persons with disabilities achieve the best quality of life  and  to help facilitate change  with tools and skills in achieving autonomy  with dignity.  

My hope is that we can provide you the best care in rehabilitation counseling services in individual/group counseling, yoga therapy, breath work and mindfulness-based practices.

Breathing is the natural progression during the Journey through Yoga.  The Breath of Yoga is transformational in movement and alignment. Yoga Breath brings Life its form hence the name Yoga Breath Studio.

2003 We opened our first studio.

I came to Kuwait when I was 21 years, I wanted relief and I needed strength to find balance in raising my family. I found Yoga in a Bookstore!  In the early 80’s there was no awareness of Yoga in Kuwait. By chance I was looking for books and found my first Yoga Book; the picture on the cover stood out, I was captivated by the relaxed and peaceful picture of a woman doing a Yoga Pose. I took the book home and practiced daily, I would finish one book, practice and study and soon buy another, filling my library with enough research to develop my own sequences and form a personal style of Yoga.

22 years and 9 children later, I grew in my Yoga practice and decided to open my first home yoga studio. 

2020 We opened our second studio.

Patience developed during the 39 years of practice and yoga studies abroad. Few more years passed as I kept teaching at my home studio, some major developments happened in my business. I decided to open a “real” yoga studio in a prime location.  

The space is huge with wood floors, I have my own office, a separate counseling room and a studio with the view of Arabian sea. As much as my current students loved my teaching, they were much more interested in convenience and preferred to come to the studio that were close to their office or home.