May 13, 2017

“I was looking for a trustful yoga teacher … I chose breathe yoga studio. They facilitate the whole thing by the application mind body which show the available time and dates to book and they even provide an online payment.

The sweet assistant is so helpful and always ready to save the day. I liked how they are flexible and easy to deal with and they are so cooperative.

Practicing yoga with my teacher Ms. Terri who knows exactly when to have a certain pose and reads how my body is responding never pushed me too far. Designs a certain practice based on my body condition and my energy level on each day. It helps me a lot even more than I expected.

Skype yoga was a first for me and I discovered it has a lot of advantages. It takes off the burden to go through the traffic and ruin the mood saves your energy saves time and even saves money. Practicing in my own space wearing comfortable clothes on is another point to be added. After session I can switch back to my daily life so easily.

Yoga becomes a major part of my life without a teacher knowing my needs and considering the details of me. I would not go further. I know what she is teaching me is coming from her heart ❤

Practicing Yoga helped me in my daily life, it provides me more energy to go on through my day with clearer mind and even more confident and still I’m looking for more.

Every time I finish my class, I tell myself it was the best choice to have thank God I’m blessed. It’s an experience that keeps expanding me body and mind. I would like to recommend everyone who seeks yoga practice with a professional teacher in an easy way go for it right now.”

Bedour Ali
Government Employee